Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Crepe de Chine Silk Scarves

A delivery of Crepe de Chine silk scarves by Glowing Edges Designs

10 years after the idea of turning my Glowing Edges Designs into silk scarves was suggested to me - at the Doncaster Art Market on a day that coincided with a non stop downpour of rain - my first order for 24 Crepe de Chine silk scarves, with hand rolled hems, finally arrived.

A length of Chiffon silk

The 4 metre length of Chiffon silk that had been previously printed with 12 of my Glowing Edges Designs had proved extremely popular, with many requests to buy them, but the quality of the machine hemmed finish – produced locally by a general manufacturer - rendered them only suitable for samples.

Rectangles and Squares

Although the range of colours in my Glowing Edges Designs were generally well reproduced – both for the natural colours and textures and for the abstract geometrical designs – and the relatively small sizes made them ideal for neckerchiefs and head scarves, I realised that it would need a further investment to turn this good idea into a first class product...

A set of 12 Crepe de Chine silk scarves by Glowing Edges Designs

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Rock Art Fabric - Scarf Designs

These 12 designs were selected for the first run of 24 Crepe de Chine silk scarves, finished with hand rolled hems and with dimensions of 125cm x 45cm.

Further examples of Glowing Edges Designs can be seen on my GED Rock Art Blog.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Made in Treeton

A selection of Glowing Edges Designs on display at the Treeton Community Centre, including mounted and framed prints, canvasses, greetings cards, ceramic tiles and tableware and sample chiffon silk scarves.